In 2012 God sent me the following dream:


It was a hot day when Zurich City was hit by a tremendous storm. A torrential fall of rain and snow covered the whole city including its inhabitants. The roar of the wind almost ruptured one's eardrums. The city was destroyed. People screamed and ran for their lives in all directions. I ran with them and hid behind a large vehicle. Then, amongst the rumbling storm, I heard the loud voice of a holy man. Broken-hearted and moved to tears he constantly prayed for the city's safety. And soon the wind calmed down and the rain ceased.


Suddenly I opened my eyes and realized that it had been a dream. But the sound of the wind stayed in my ears for another 30 minutes. It was a frightening and horrible scene. I quietly prayed for Zurich City.


The Holy Spirit reminded me that it was thanks to God's people's prayers that the city was protected. And He inspired me to encourage fellow Christians to gather in order to pray for Zurich. Yes, God calls on us to pray for Zurich - and He confirms this invitation. Therefore I organized a prayer day. It was fantastic when on 4 January 2014 Swiss as well as foreign Christians from various churches joined for the first time our prayers for a true restoration and repentance in Switzerland.